Mechanical Isochronal  

The client for this particular works has a keen interest in Horology and so requested a wholly mechanical version of a horologically inspired kinetic work I’d made previously.  Initially I was apprehensive about providing such considering the design broke just about every rule in the book with its exposed double ended pendulum, impressive arc, dramatic escapement operation and less than stable structure.  Never the less the mechanical version turned out to be a reasonable timekeeper, even when installed in a heavily trafficked elevator bay. 


The winding is an automated Wagner type remontoire rewound via a miniature DC motor. The operation of the winding every few minutes adds to the kinetic visual aspect of the work. The double ended pendulum beats 2 seconds providing an easy cadence. There is definitely something about slow beating pendulums that have a calming presence. Conveniently the previous version had a great/centre wheel rotating once an hour so it was only a matter of creating a 60 rise cam ring that would propel a traditional motionwork. 


The escapement is a sculptural variation on the Grasshopper escapement invented by the British clockmaker John Harrison around 1722 and used in several of his famous sea clocks. 

Technical Details: Grasshopper escapement, Automatic winding. Brass and aluminum.   

Overall Dimensions:  IN: 21.5W 11D 69H CM: 55W 28D 175H