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Although clockmaking might seem an unexpected avenue for contemporary creative work, it’s one that I have been exploring for many years. Many of the ideas for Sculptural Clockmaking were developed throughout my career as an antique clock restorer, during which time I often found myself inspired by the skill and artistry of historic mechanisms.


I have always been fascinated by the history of Horology - the Science of Timekeeping. Its 700-year history has many stories of genius, perseverance and development. It is a unique craft that brings together Art, History, Science, Mechanics and Technology that throughout its history has contributed to many other branches of science and technology. The combination of my experience as a restorer, fascination with the history of my Craft and a love of design are the foundation of my practice. 


My enthusiasm for this art form comes from the belief that the preservation of traditional craft is a fundamentally important part of our common cultural heritage and also that it is important to maintain skills that demonstrate our connection to materials, human creativity and ingenuity.  



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