During a 30 year career as a public and domestic clock restorer I've been exposed to many historic and

fascinating devices. My interest in these devices, combined with a lifelong interest in art, provided

ground to explore the potential of clockwork as Art. Over many years of experimentation 

I've developed a sculptural approach to my Craft, whilst paying

homage to its centuries long history.


While my interest is the reinterpretation of timepieces as sculptural works, I have a particular interest

in mechanical clock escapements (the assembly that impulses the pendulum) and have

developed several new types based on historic geometries.

Animations of some of these escapements 

 courtesy of Ken Kou can be seen here:



Key to the work are the visual and kinetic aspects. 


About Phil

A third-generation clockmaker Phil began his career at age 14 under his father David Abernethy. 

Initially undertaking domestic clock restoration in their company Abernethy & Son

based in Toronto, Canada, he later specialized in tower clock

restoration and public clock commissions.

Exposure to many great works and an eye to the creative potential of

clockmaking Phil pursued the task full time in 2005 and has

become known for his creative renditions of the Craft.