Favourite links to other sites of interest, artisans and art.

David C Roy: Mesmerizing wooden kinetic art. www.woodthatworks.com

Memoria Technica: Brittany Cox MA. Clock and Automata restoration https://mechanicalcurios.com


Clayton Boyer: Amazing wooden clock plans. www.lisaboyer.com


Bob Potts: Beautiful mechanical sculpture with fluid and natural movements. www.youtube.com/user/PottsSculpture


Graphections: Like the photogrpahy and video on this site ? contact Mark. www.graphections.com

Christopher Conte: Biomechanical sculptures. www.microbotic.org


Kool Kinetics: The Church for Kinetic Sculptures. www.koolkinetics.com


Eric Freitas: Steampunk Clocks. www.ericfreitas.com/blog/

MAD Museum. Stratford upon Avon UK. www.themadmuseum.co.uk


Brian Laws Wooden Clocks. More amazing wooden clock plans. www.woodenclocks.co.uk


Brian Laws Davinci Models. Some great Leonardo models. www.leonardo-da-vinci-models.com


Ken Kuo. Great collection of escapement animations. Ken Kuo Youtube

Canadian Artisan Registry