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Favourite links to other sites of interest, artisans and art.

David C Roy: Mesmerizing wooden kinetic art.

Memoria Technica: Brittany Cox MA. Clock and Automata restoration


Clayton Boyer: Amazing wooden clock plans.


Bob Potts: Beautiful mechanical sculpture with fluid and natural movements.


Graphections: Like the photogrpahy and video on this site ? contact Mark.

Christopher Conte: Biomechanical sculptures.


Kool Kinetics: The Church for Kinetic Sculptures.


Eric Freitas: Also a Sculptural Clockmaker based in the USA.

MAD Museum. Stratford upon Avon UK.


Brian Laws Wooden Clocks. More amazing wooden clock plans.


Brian Laws Davinci Models. Some great Leonardo models.


Ken Kuo. Great collection of escapement animations. Ken Kuo Youtube

How the engineering of timepieces has changed throughout history.

Canadian Artisan Registry

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