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(Gaelic: Feathers)


In this clock I used my 'Spider' adaptation of the grasshopper escapement for the first time. When compared with the Grasshopper escapements used in Monolith and Suspension, one can see that their Grasshopper arrangements are one-sided. Initially I reworked the grasshopper geometry for Cleiti solely in consideration of its symmetry and as a kinetic work. However, I've since been exploring it's potential as timekeeper. I've named this variation 'Spider ' given its spider like appearance and action. 



Technical Details: Spider escapement, Automatic winding, Programmable LED lighting. Peacock and Pheasant tail feathers. Acrylic, copper, brass and aluminum. Quartz mechanism.   

Overall Dimensions:  IN: 16W 8D 49H CM: 40W 20D 125H

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