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Commissions & Orders

Commissions for are undertaken with a view to designing a timepiece that will enhance an environment visually, audibly and in complementary materials. I work with all fabrication processes, including casting, forging and machining, in just about any material and with a wide ranging palette of finishes. 

For bespoke work, the development of the initial concept and provision of a price guide is provided without charge. The process is broken down into 4 phases, design, fabrication, testing and delivery. Undertaking of design work requires a deposit of 25% of the price guide. On completion of the design phase a firm cost will be established and thereafter, at each remaining stage, a further 25% of the firm price will be due.  Depending on the nature of the project a cost reduction can be provided if consent is allowed for the reproduction of the design in a limited number.

The studio produces works of a limited edition on demand from designs already completed. New designs are continually in development. Please inquire as to the availability of completed work and work in progress. 

Limited edition works require a 40% deposit to begin fabrication, 40% on completion of fabrication and the balance due upon delivery.

Personal delivery, set up and instruction can be arranged. 

Central to our design philosophy is that each device should be durable and require little in the way of service. To that end I avoid the use of parts requiring lubrication and provide easily accessible adjustments should they be needed. 

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