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The Dual Grasshopper 




Height:    87.5”    2.14M

Width:     13”       33cm

Depth:     8.5”      21cm






The escapement is a novel adaptation of John Harrisons Grasshopper geometry using two escape wheels as opposed to the typical single wheel.  


The sound of the clock is very unobtrusive making it ideal for a domestic environment.  




The clock is driven by a Wagner type remontoire hidden within the back board.  ‘Winding’ occurs every few seconds providing uniform power to the gear train.  Power for winding is provided by a 6v cell. This provides uninterrupted power in the event of a mains power failure. The rechargeable cell is expected to last 2+ years and is located in the base of the clock.  


The centre wheel tooth profile and escape wheel roller pinion are derived using Harrison’s Chordal Pitch.  




The pendulum beats 4.5 degrees, a little less than the typical grasshopper owing to its modified geometry. Invar is used in the pendulum assembly. Invar is an alloy frequently used in Horology owing to its thermal stability. Rough regulation is achieved directly on the pendulum bob. Fine regulation is achieved via the subsidiary weights above the bob. Beat setting adjustment is provided at the crutch. 




The dial is of the regulator style and displays dual time zones. Time zone locations adjusted to suit clients wishes. Seconds are read directly on the left escape wheel using the pallet as the indicator. 




Full length frameless tempered glass. 

12V LED lighting


PRICE: Please contact 

The clock is provided with a custom made shipping case.

Delivery, personal attendance, setup and instruction can be arranged if required.

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