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Isochronal Awakening 


The escapement used in Isochronal is a sculptural variation on the Grasshopper escapement, invented by the British clockmaker John Harrison around 1722 and used in several of his famous sea clocks. Already sculptural by nature the Grasshopper escapement geometry lends itself very well to interpretation.   


Typical Grasshopper escapements use hooks on the ends of the pallets to arrest the escape wheel but it occurred to me early on exploring the escapement that pins catching shallow teeth worked just as well and so I’ve used that format since. 


The work features a mix of free hand and machine applied perlage patterning. The battery driven winding system, which rewinds suspended magnetic balls, is automatic and operates every 2.5 minutes.

Technical Details: Grasshopper escapement, Automatic winding. Brass and aluminum. Quartz mechanism.   

Overall Dimensions:  IN: 21.5W 11D 69H CM: 55W 28D 175H

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