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Monolith is a statement about the vastness of time and relative time scales. The black depth of the mounting panel conveys the immensity of past behind us, and the very slow beating pendulum conveys the incremental passing of time, as it recedes into the past. I thought the Tolkien quote from Lord of the Rings would give pause for thought about 'what to do with the time given to us' and therefore engraved it into the large aluminum wheel. 



The clock features two historically important devices employed in the escapement and winding system. The escapement is a sculptural variation on the Grasshopper escapement, invented by the British clockmaker John Harrison, around 1722, and used in several of his famous sea clocks. The winding system employs an endless chain, which was first applied to clocks by the Danish scientist, Christiaan Huygens (b1629 - d1695). 



Technical Details: Grasshopper escapement, Manual winding (daily), LED lighting. Acrylic, copper, brass and aluminum. Quartz mechanism.   

Overall Dimensions:  IN: 20W 11D 87H CM: 50W 28D 220H

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