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Nautical Gravity Concept

As the design was coming together, I could not help seeing a nautical theme, hence the title. I'm reminded of the ocean going clippers of the 19th century, their romantic elegance, majesty and beauty of their lines. 

Following on with the nautical theme I would utilize Harrison's Chordal Pitch for the wheels and roller pinions. John Harrison (1693-1776, famous for his discovery of Longitude, developed this type of gearing to minimize rolling contact between the wheel teeth and pinion. I've used this type of gearing in several other works and have found it to be very efficient and durable. 

The double ended seconds pendulum would provide a comforting cadence to any setting. The time would be set via move-able dial rings and power for the clock is provided by a constant force spring hidden within the base of the clock. 

The finish would be satin black steel complimented by gold lacquered 

or gold plated components.

Nautical Gravity 1.jpg
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