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Space Time No.1 


The escapement used in Space Time is a sculptural variation on Cole's Gravity Escapement, invented by British clockmaker Thomas Cole around 1880. 


The original pattern of Cole's escapement can be seen here:

And a CAD animation of my version here:


After making a few prototypes following Cole's pattern I wasn't happy with the action, so the escape wheel geometry was modified from the original. I also inverted the gravity arms, because that's my thing.  I also applied delrin rollers in place of the Cole's original sliding contact ‘reset planes'.    


A balance wheel, rather than a true pendulum regulates the escapement. As with all gravity type escapements impulse is given by the gravity arms, so the mechanisms task is to reset the arms for the next impulse.  

Technical Details: Cole's escapement. Automatic winding. Brass and aluminum. Balance regulated.   

Overall Dimensions:  IN: 12W 6D 12H CM: 30W 15.5D 30H

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