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Table Series Concept

Given my interest in escapements I've always had it in mind to create a timepiece where the escapement is the focal point. Minimizing the number of visible gears to just the escapement and motion work of the hands by placing the gear train in the base leaves the focus on those two arrangements. 

A mystery clock of sorts, I've designed the clock to be adaptable to any type of escapement. The example illustrated is a modified Grasshopper escapement. However the choice is yours, if you have a preferred escapement I'd be happy to work it into a sculptural format. 

The novel winding method occurs by way of a lever arrangement operating 

through a slot in the base. The series can also be made available as an 

automatically wound clock. 

A good resource illustrating a variety of historic escapements can be seen courtesy of Ken Kuo (Taiwan) on his Youtube channel. Ken has studied and made many great animations of most known escapements and variations on them, including some of my own experimental escapements. 

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